Welcome to the Sea to Summit FAQ!

Q. Can you tell me more about Sea-to-Summit?

A. Meeting at Higashi-Tagonoura Station in Shizuoka Prefecture at 6:50am, we will make our way to the beach for the opening ceremony. In another symbolic act of respect we will fill our PET bottles with sea-water and you will carry that water to the summit of Fuji-san. At the top we will symbolically pour it out letting it run back down to its source. (10 years for water to reach the sea)

Starting from the sea at 7:30am we will hike all day in extreme heat slowly making your way to the 5th Station, hiking a total of 47km and climbing in excess of 2,400m. The hike from the sea to the 5th station will take approximately 12 – 14 hours and will be arguably the most difficult aspect of this challenge. Once reaching the 5th station we will rest and recover before leaving at 9:30pm to continue the ascent to the summit of the mountain. The aim is reach the summit to see the sunrise.

Q. How can I register?

A. Please go to the following weblink:

Participant Registration for 2018 is now closed!

After registering you will receive a confirmation email.

Q. How difficult is this challenge?

A. The constant ascent and the extreme heat makes this challenge one of the most difficult endurance challenges in Japan. If you are familiar with or have participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker, please be aware that this challenge has been said to be even more difficult.

Q. I am not confident in my abilities to climb from the sea. May I join you at the 5th station?

A. No this option is not available.  Anyone can travel with the millions of other people to the 5th Station and climb the 1300m to the top but this challenge must be from the Sea all the way to the Summit.

Q. Is there a fee? 

A. Sea-to-summit:
Entry Fee:  5000 JPY
Fundraising Minimum:  10000 JPY

100% of your fundraising money will go directly to the charity chosen on any given year of Sea to Summit.  Previous fund have been given to Oxfam Japan.  We encourage you to raise as much as possible for this year’s charity.

Q. How and when can I pay?

A. Bank transfer details will be provided for payment in advance.
B. Rare exceptions may also pay on the day of the event.

Q. How will we attempt to climb from the sea?

A. We owe a big thank you to Christian Parkes who 10 years ago attempted and succeeded on this majestic climb. He very kindly mapped out the route. You can see the route here
Sea to Summit 2018 Course Map
We will also be providing printed copies of maps on the morning of the event.

Q. It will be difficult to carry all of my gear during the sea-to-summit hike. Will you be providing any support crew service?

A. You can participate in the Sea-to-Summit challenge without a support crew, but they are important to your success and your safety. We strongly advise you to have a Support Crew. For those who cannot organise a support crew, you will able to place extra bags/supplies for your team in our van.
On the morning of the event you will have an opportunity to place some of your gear in our van. Our volunteers will be driving this van to the 5th station where you will be able to collect your gear for the night hike up Mount Fuji.

Q. Why is it better to have a support crew?

A. Support crews can help:
・Carry your luggage by car between checkpoints.
・Provide food and drink.
・Transport you to and from the event.
・Provide support and boost morale.
・Monitor your progress and alert us in case of trouble.

Q. What do I need for this event?

A. Comfortable pair of hiking shoes/trailwalking shoes
Headlight (*Important)
Comfortable clothing (shorts, support tights, t-shirt, thick socks,Rucksack/small backpack, etc)
WATERPROOF clothing (*Important)
Good amount of food (onigiri/sandwiches/bananas/snickers) to give you the energy to keep you going throughout the day (There is only one convenience store on the course so it would be best to buy your food before we start).
An empty PET bottle to take part in our opening ceremony

Q. I will be coming from Tokyo. Are there any nearby hotels that we can stay on the night before the event?

A. There are hotels in Numazu city, which is only a 10 minute train journey to our meeting point at Higashi-Tagonoura Station. Please see the below links for hotels in the Numazu area.

Check us out: