Why take on the challenge?

The true starting point is at 0m (the ocean) to claim you really climbed Mt. Fuji! We offer a guided 24 hour hike with proceeds going charity!


Starting in Tagenoura Beach in Shizuoka, the trek initially begins along roads before entering beautiful forest terrain with ominous glimpses of majestic Mt. Fuji! [Click above for the trail map]

2018 Charity is MIRAI NO MORI (NPO)

Your struggle up Mt. Fuji is like a struggle many people in need have everyday to survive. Your joy at making it to the summit can be coupled with the joy your donation to charity brings to those in real need.

Sponsors Needed!

We need your help and support as sponsors for the logistics/execution of the event. A partnership to promote your brand and positive contribution to charity while offering a worthy challenge to your employees.

Entrance Fee: 5000 Yen

Min. Fundraising Goal: 10000 Yen

Still wondering why.....?

This endurance event is only for the fittest. If you have what it takes come and join us for the challenge of your life. The IVG is at it again with the next Sea-to-Summit Fuji Challenge set for August 4th/5th!

Have you ever climbed Mount Fuji from the 5th Station and didn’t feel satisfied? Have you ever thought about pushing yourself to your absolute limit? The Sea-to-Summit will provide all this and more…

This is a charity challenge offering you the chance to climb one of world’s most famous mountains from the sea to the summit at 3776 meters in under 24 hours. This is a pilgrimage giving you an opportunity to truly test yourself amidst extreme heat and steep ascents. This is a symbolic journey full of highs and lows, one which will test your strength, stamina, and character.

IF you prevail, we guarantee that you will never look at Fuji again in the same way.

See Mount Fuji from a new perspective and achieve a personal goal while contributing to a brighter tomorrow!

Mirai No Mori (NPO)

Sea to Summit 2018 Beneficiary

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